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LIEN YAIK HARDWARE (M) SDN. BHD. was established in June 1977 with humble beginnings.

It started as cottage foundry with traditional hands-on process of sand casting and specialized manufacturing experienced in of all types of gray cast iron and nodular products.


Today, Lien Yaik (LY) is a fully automated facility with modernized integrated automation systems for producing different grades that include ISO185/JL/150 to ISO 185/JL250 (FC), Spheroidal Graphite (Nodular Iron / FCD) grade 400-18 to grade 700-2, and various other cast steel (SC) standards.


Now the company is spearheading a new innovation for our traditional Malaysian Wok (Kuali) that is best known for its cooking safety & health enhancing preference since ancient days of our great ancestors. These traditional woks are very convenient and flexible and best for coking, stir-frying, stew, baked or boil has proven to be one of the most lasting and is made from cast iron.


LY is producing those traditional Wok (Kuali) now under the “SheeLY” brand with new polishing finish surface to enhance the appearance. These surfaces shall be pre-seasoned in order to keep the cookware well protected with an oil layer that itself is the characteristic for non-stick cast iron woks, pans, and pots suitable for both electrical as well as gas stove use. These cast iron based cooking utensils are historically renown. The brand name “Sheely” simply means Safe, Healthy, Everlasting and Environmentally friendLY from Lien Yaik.

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